May 23, 2014 = Life-Changing Spark

That is the night I captured my first Milky Way photograph and the night that my photographic journey truly began. All the images on my site are taken from that day forward.

Although I have been snapping photos of this and that for several years, after stumbling onto some incredible images of the Milky Way online taken with ordinary DSLR’s, and after much research and learning, it was on that wonderful warm evening that I started capturing the wonder of the world around me and haven’t looked back since. From the darkest desert skies of Death Valley to a glowing sunrise along the shores of Lake Ontario, I love it all. I specialize in single image astrophotography and long exposure landscapes but have been known to take the odd photograph without a tripod. For me, it’s about chasing very special and subtle light and slowing down the world just a little bit to capture more than the eye can see.

Born and raised in Welland, Ontario, I have called Hamilton my home for the past twenty years. Hamilton is a fascinating post-industrial city going through an interesting and challenging transformation and there is no shortage of unique shots to be had….especially after the sun sets. But, as absence makes the heart grow fonder, I thoroughly enjoy researching, planning, hopping on a plane and discovering new adventures.

I am delighted that you are here and I hope you spend some time exploring too.

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